The Travels Continue - from Colorado to San Diego

August 23, 2018

My sister and I were chatting on the phone the other day and she was encouraging me to open up a bit more about what my journey, especially the motherhood side of it, looks like as we are a full time traveling family.

I think...errr...scratch that I know...that I often limit what I share online. Part of it is that I waffle back and forth between being a very private person and not caring at all. That and a few other reasons are off the top of my head are as follows:

a. I'm lazy *guilty crinkled neck face*
b. It's way easier to keep putting off sharing until the story is all buttoned up...but then what ends up happening is the story keeps going cause you know - it's life.
c. 50 more excuses. My life lacks consistency. Working on this big time, BUT it's a major deterrent to motivation when you're taking each day at a time. Procrastinator extraordinaire. 

I'm learning to get more excited and not hold myself back from documenting our "in between"...the "in process" version of me and my family's life. That darn critical in between - it makes up a majority of most of our lives. For me I'm realizing more and more how much the messy parts are where God shines through and I can see His hand clearly in my life in those times. He seems to love that part and I'm learning to love it too. So yay.

One of the biggest things that I'd be lying if I didn't admit I actually am a little sad looking back about not sharing more, for my own personal benefit (as selfish as that might sound I mean it in the purest way), over the past 7 years of being on this wild ride of being Mrs. Philip Leclerc and 5 years of being Phil Jr's mom...and 28 years of being in this crazy game of life. There have been so many lessons, good and bad. More than that, hopefully, there will be many, many more to come. All this to say...better late than never. Enough about me and my lazy tush. End brain fart.

We arrived in beautiful Colorado pumped for a week of vacaction with family. I personally was stoked to have an arsenal of people to play games with me. *Phil is not a board/card game person EVEN THOUGH HE WINS WAY TOO OFTEN WHEN HE DOES PLAY WHICH IS DUMB...DUMBITY DUMB.

Little Phil had such a blast with his many Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and especially his Mimi and Grandpa. Phil's parents are the best at staying in touch long distance with Little Phil and he just adores them...though we all know our place and his Mimi is his number one. It's really sweet and made the week so special to get to stay all together in a big house in Winter Park, Colorado. We took several hikes, long mountain drives (had to break in the new truck), and as per the usual....ate and ate...and ate some more. Minus Little Phil getting a gnarly sunburn despite our best efforts (that Colorado sun is no joke!) we had a wonderful trip.

Once we parted ways our little trio stayed in Colorado for another couple days. We wanted to hit up a couple coffee shops in Denver and we'd been wanting to check out Boulder for awhile. It was a fun detour and we look forward to making it back to this gorgeous state again soon!

We spent the 4th of July morning in Grand Junction, Colorado - we got to catch the local parade and fuel up before heading to spend the night truck camping outside of Zion.

Next stop Las Vegas! We spent the night in to explore the strip for the first time. Hot dang that place is crazy. Ended up spending most of our time poolside at our hotel enjoying the happy hour menu and sun!

All that and now we're back in San Diego. We've spent the month and a half in hotels, staying with amazing friends, and at this point our life is still in the living out of suitcases and taking each day at a time all while running our business and working phase. Taking every day as it comes with big plans and an exciting next stage in our nomadic journey is *almost* here!!

Peace, joy, and all that sincere & fluffy stuff, 

Allie Esther

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