From Dream Home to Nomad Living (Again)

April 16, 2018

Hello from my beautiful hometown of Wasilla, Alaska! 

We’ve been hunkered in up here since right before Christmas (with a few jaunts outside for work).

A bit of back story to begin to catch everyone up on our journey...

In January 2016 we signed a lease in beautiful San Diego and after a few years of living in one city (and a year in one place)... we woke up on a beautiful September morning and Phil and I looked at each other and said “you think we need to leave?”

Okay, so hold up, and let me insert that I am uber, super duper thankful we both were on the same page, and have been so far on these big life decisions and changes. We really sync with this stuff and I just wanna shout out Jesus for that because I know it's not the norm! Alright...back to the story...STILL on the same page or not…WTH?! This was out of blue. The day before we were about to buy a dryer for crying out loud! *deep breath* As much as we knew we needed to jump back into the flexible lifestyle of being on the road I'd be lying if I didn't say that we were both running in a bit of a dazed mode and wondering what did God have next?!

Such a bittersweet thing when the one thing you know clearly is that "what's next" is to not always know "what's next." For a split second part of us wondered how long we could maybe just ignore that nagging feeling? Fortunately for us we stink at ignoring and once we knew that we knew and the other knew....I grabbed a handful of black trash bags and we purged away. Within a day or two of deciding to move the house was cleared of anything that wasn't sellable, giveaway or coming with us. It's amazing how quickly you can collect and how even more quickly you can eliminate. The best feeling is getting rid of stuff you don't need!

Now the bitterest of the bittersweetness which was this move was that our house was just finally looking like a home. We had just purchased bed frames. A rug. Plants. Not only that but our home in San Diego was (and still has many elements of) our dream home. It was so close to perfect we'll just call it good enough. So that's that. I grieved the loss of my new stuff and moved on. Who knew me, the crazy, bag lady of a 6 year old, would finally learn to let go so easily. *pats own back with a proud, comforting smile*

As lovely as our new house and all of our new fabulous things were and as comfortable as we were living there (and as much as we adore San Diego…how can you not?!)….we both had a very “get it over with” attitude about the whole move knowing it was the right decision and that we were moving into a new, exciting chapter of our story.

Within the next three weeks we had bagged up, boxed up, sold, donated just about every we owned and we moved out of our home on the hill in San Diego on October 25th. It had all worked out perfectly for us to leave. And leave we did. Off to Hawaii first.

*brakes come to a screeching halt* Wait…Hawaii??

Oh, I forgot that part. I, errr, I mean "we" (poor Phil) had decided "we" wanted to finish visiting all 50 states by the time Phil Jr turned 5 at the end of November. That meant we had to visit about a dozen states including Hawaii. Once we decided to move we delayed the trip until after for obvious reasons (i.e. we were all wrapped with getting rid of everything and the whole moving into…no where…drama.) Wow, during this time we were so blessed to have awesome friends. Especially the ones who let us chill at their houses, take our stuff, help us out. Those kind of friends sure are the

So that's the long/short of how we became nomads...again. For the second time. I can't even believe that we're doing this again, but boy let me tell you...we are pretty stoked. We're looking forward to sharing more of this journey as we live it. 

In the meantime here’s a little peek into our time at our Ohana Way home. These photos were taken by the uber talented Brad Hart and his assistant, Alisa of

Also be sure to head over and read 'First Stop - Family Time in Maui'. Thanks all!!

Peace, joy, and all that sincere & fluffy stuff, 

Allie Esther

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