First Stop: Family Time in Maui Hawaii

April 3, 2018

Before you jump into this one make sure to swing by and read my post 'From Dream Home to Nomad Living'!

Once the dust had settled, we had packed up, cleaned every nook & cranny, moved out & onward - we headed to beautiful, lush, happy Hawaii. 

It only made sense to jump over there from San Diego vs basically anywhere else in our great, big, beautiful country.

To start our new nomadic lifestyle off with a bang I misread our departing time as our boarding time which then caused us to miss our connecting flight and we ended up spending the night in San Francisco which in turn Phil “lost” his camera on the hotel shuttle…thankfully they found it in the middle of the night or else I would feel literally like the worst person ever. And no, I have no excuse. We even had a two hour layover…oh well, live and learn and all of those other old adages. It all worked out perfectly as it usually seems to do.

One thing we chose to do this trip, since we were only going for a few days, was to travel in a couple of carry-ons vs checking in any bags. Of course that actually ended up working quite well for us when we missed out flight. *two thumbs up for positivity* 

I picked up a couple fun “island” pieces from Nordstrom before heading out and those honestly were almost all I needed! Phil and I hadn’t been back to Hawaii since our two week honeymoon in Kauai 6 1/2 years ago and were excited to get to check out another island. 

We asked Little Phil to pose and he said "How about Eagle pose?" HAHAHAHA. He's amazing always.

We had several friends send us lists of different places to eat, see, drink etc so between yelp and their trustworthy recommendations we had one positive experience after another! 

Our favorite things and recommendations (in no particular order):

  • The BEST vegan coconut milk ice cream from Coconut Glen's Ice Cream on the Road to Hana! I'd eat this over regular ice cream any day! 
  • Hawaiian Fish Tacos...coming from San Diego I'll admit my standards were (and are still) pretty high for tacos, but we thoroughly enjoyed the island version of one of our favorite foods at The Fish Market.
  • FOOD TRUCKS! Maui had a ton of awesome food trucks. Our first stop off of the plane was to get Poke at Like Poke? good!
  • Secret Cove - wow, take me back to our afternoon spent enjoying this beautiful secluded beach.
  • A sunset infused dinner & drinks on the deck at Monkeypod Kitchen was such a perfect end to a lazy day snorkeling and relaxing at the beach. Their menu is so good!
  • Driving the Road to Hana is a no brainer, BUT wow...driving the Road to Hana while listening to the app provided by Gypsy Guide made it even better! Highly recommend downloading this well done informative and history packed guide before you head out. I just want a guide like this everywhere we go!
  • Garden of Eden - as an ex-gardener who-can't-wait-to-have-a-garden-again-someday (way back as an Alaskan teen I have wonderful memories working among my 8 foot delphiniums and waiting years for my lilacs to grow) I'm a sucker for a beautiful garden that complements it's environment. This botanical garden was just a dream and blended with the lush Hawaiian landscape perfectly. It was exactly the kind of stop I was hoping to fit in between the hikes and swimming in waterfalls. Next time we'll plan to spend more time!
  • Oh and speaking of swimming in waterfalls...SWIMMING IN A WATERFALL was a highlight and a 10/10 recommendation.

As much as it was a quick trip we absolutely loved Maui! How could you not!? Such a paradise. Of course PJ loved it just as much as we did. Swimming in waterfalls, eating the best coconut milk ice cream, the smell of the tropical island air. What a life. We look forward going back hopefully sooner than later! 

What’s your favorite Hawaiian Island?? Which one should we go to next?

Oh, and head over to my post 'Our 5 Year Old Traveled to all 50 States'! *hearts for days*

Peace, joy, and all that sincere & fluffy stuff, 

Allie Esther

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